Private dining

Enjoy being together with all your loved ones.
With a chef at home, you make it easy on yourself.

A chef at home or in your holiday home?

When you invite guests to your home or holiday address, a private chef is a great convenience. When you want a fantastic lunch or dinner, it is quite an art to come up with a well balanced delicious meal, in fact it is a real challenge.

Didier is an all-round chef with extensive experience and training and is specialised in home dining. He stands for professionalism, skill, and a passion for cooking. His love of honest, preferably organic products, taken directly from the source, ensures the high standard of your meal. Everything is of the best quality.

As a chef, Didier specialises in French cuisine, which is immediately apparent in the delicious dishes he prepares.

He describes his dishes as “uncomplicated and original, served in an informal atmosphere”. He will discuss your wishes and propose a suitable menu. He can also suggest the best wines to accompany your meal.

Live cooking at your home, where you and your guests can see how everything is prepared, will be a great culinary experience.

You don’t have to do anything yourself; no preparation stress and the washing up will be done for you afterwards. You then have all the time to entertain your guests!

It is also possible to cook with Didier yourself or with a group. For more information, please contact Didier