Cooking workshop: Cook & Fun

12 people minimum


Welcome at 10 a.m. with coffee/tea/water/soft drinks

Explanation of the cooking workshop

3 groups will be made for the starter, main dish, and desert

10.30 a.m. Blind contest of tastes and smells 20 points

Participants will be blindfolded and will have to smell and taste products and guess them

Second game: Gastronomic questions 20 points

Participants will receive a list of 20 culinary questions and will have 20 minutes of time to complete the questionnaire.

Each group will play the games at the same time. The points of each group will be counted by Didier and kept secret until the end of the cooking workshop.

11:30 a.m. 3-course cooking workshop

The menu will be presented according to the seasons by Didier at the time of booking.

During the cooking workshop, Didier will give extra points to each group in terms of hygiene, techniques, and the final result.

1 p.m. lunch

2.30 p.m. Coffee and results of the competition and distribution of the prizes